How to Create a Sales Dashboard in Excel

How to create a sales dashboard in Excel?

Proper analysis is a must be feature for all business reports. Data collection without insights is a waste of time and efforts. In the digital work environment, if you are using an Excel CRM for Sales, this post will teach you how to create a sales dashboard in Excel.

Yes, this is a step by step tutorial to create a sales dashboard in Excel. Get real time sales insights and take data driven decisions to increase sales for your business.

Tutorial: Create a Sales Dashboard in Excel

How to create a sales dashboard in Excel

Features of the Sales Dashboard

  • Real time performance insights: lead count, won and lost leads, open leads, sales conversion, total revenue and average order value
  • Lead source report: what lead sources work best for your business? (count, conversion and revenue). This lets you focus on the best lead sources for your business.
  • Lead stage report for open leads: count and contribution. This information helps you to take action to expedite successful closure of open sales leads
  • Team Performance Summary: respective lead count, revenue and conversion

How to create a DIY Sales CRM in Excel

If you are yet to start using a Sales CRM or a spreadsheet to track sales leads and performance, you may want to create a do-it-yourself sales CRM in Excel.

This is a step by step video tutorial to create a DIY sales CRM in Excel.

How to create a DIY sales CRM in Excel

Why should you use a DIY Sales CRM in Excel?

There are several sales CRM software that you may start using. There are CRM software for every budget, even free options are available. However, customization is not easy and most free software have limited customization options.

CRM software are designed for a variety of use cases and cater to several industries. It is common to come across features you may never use.

Also, you may not be quite sure when choosing a sales CRM from so many available options. Hence, it makes sense to first start using a simple Excel template to track sales leads. This lets you and your team understand the sales data and jot down your specific requirements. You are much better equipped to transition to a sales CRM software after having used an Excel CRM for sales.

Choose from one of the many readily available sales CRM in Excel or follow the two video tutorials I have created and design your own sales CRM.

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