Simple And Effective!

I’ve tested this lead tracking spreadsheet, used it myself and now it’s used by more than 2000 small businesses and freelance professionals.

Download the lead tracking spreadsheet.

Lead Tracking Spreadsheet – Take Charge of Your Sales Pipeline

I strongly believe sales is more science and less art. For consistent results, we need to set up our sales process, get the right tools, train our sales reps and make them believe in the system we have set. Day in and day out – follow the process, use the tools, create enough opportunities. That is what you need to consistently get new clients for your business. Nothing fancy. That’s how it’s done!

And as a strong believer in creating simple solutions for complex business needs and problems, there could be nothing better and simpler than using a lead tracking spreadsheet. It gets the job done. Set it up once – a 10 minute process and you are all set to monitor every sales opportunity and start improving your sales conversion.

Demo Video: LMS – Pro Version

Lead Tracking Spreadsheet Demo

And that’s exactly how easy it is to use. I haven’t used any macros or advanced formulas that a beginner level Excel user may find hard. Customizations are super easy. And if you do get stuck or need a little help, I’m always available. Send me a message and you’ll hear from in just about a couple of hours. I’d hate to keep you waiting.

Features: Lead Tracking Spreadsheet

LMS – Lite
  • 1. Lead Tracking Sheet (unlimited leads)
  • 2. Dashboard View to track all sales KPIs
  • 3. Monthly Trend Table: leads, conversion, revenue
  • 4. Lead Source Analysis
  • 5. Lead Staging Report
  • * Everything in LMS Lite and…
  • 6. Target vs. Actual Summary
  • 7. Team Performance Table
  • 8. Marketing Report and Planner: CPL, CPA and required budget and leads calculation

LMS Pro – Made for Small Businesses, Freelancers and Independent Contractors

LMS Pro is an excellent lead tracking spreadsheet to keep a track of your leads – from start to end.

  • Keep a track of all your sales leads.
  • Monitor lead source wise conversion.
  • Monitor staging of leads and time taken to close.
  • Take actions to expedite. Monitor team performance – conversion %, open deals etc.
  • Track month on month performance.
  • Plan lead requirement for subsequent months to meet annual sales target.
  • Marketing Budget Planner to plan your spends across various channels

One of major reasons why companies struggle with sales is missed follow ups. Using the LMS Pro takes care of that. You are always on top of all the leads and easily check overall performance as well as status of each individual lead.

Download now and take control of your sales revenue.

For any questions, feel free to contact me