• brainstorming for 5 why analysis

    How to use 5 Why Analysis for Problem Solving

    In a rush to fix problems at work, we often miss to look for the root cause. Hence the problems reoccur frequently. Let us understand how to use 5 why analysis for problem solving. Free template included.

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  • Sales Communication Strategy

    The 90-60-30 Sales Communication Strategy

    How to increase sales? How to increase lead conversion? How to sell more to existing customers? These are some of the most common and frequent questions discussed in business strategy and sales meetings. Thanks to the internet economy, businesses have multiple sources for generating new leads. The channels to advertise, market and acquire customers keep on increasing. As new leads keep piling on, we tend to lose track of old leads and prospects. 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting. 44% of sales reps give up after 1 follow-up. The 90-60-30 sales communication strategy is a framework for rechurning old leads and staying in touch with customers and prospects.

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  • man in brown suit jacket

    How to Increase Sales when Business is Slow?

    The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic impacted businesses of all size. Big or small, most businesses experienced a sharp decline in sales. While the pandemic was a once in a lifetime event for most of us, there are several other frequent causes for extended periods of low sales for a business. Some of these causes are controllable while others may be external, uncontrollable and unavoidable. In this post, we will cover tips and processes to increase sales when business is slow. How and what can be done to get back on track?

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  • how to manage conflict in the workplace

    This Engagement Activity will help you manage conflict in the workplace

    49% of workplace conflicts are caused by warring egos. Add to this the unreported incidents. Conflict management is certainly one of the top priorities for HR managers. I will introduce you to an easy to implement employee engagement activity that will help manage conflict in the workplace.

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  • How to retain customers

    How to Retain Customers?

    Customer retention at all stages of a business is more important than customer acquisition. How to retain customers? The equation for how to retain customers is pretty simple. The rate of innovation should exceed the rate of increase in customer expectations.

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  • my biggest mistake as a leader

    My Biggest Leadership Mistake

    My biggest strengths as a leader have been the ability to connect with my team and help them find simple solutions for problems both at work and in life. A fellow manager once said that I “effortlessly bring a method to the madness”. However, I am like most on a journey to improve myself every day. As I would rate people management as one of my key leadership qualities, this post is about my biggest leadership mistake.

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  • managers discussing how not to fire someone

    How NOT to Fire Someone?

    Firing someone is dreadful. As a manager, it has always been the most difficult task for me. I am certain it is for most. But let’s admit it. It is a job that needs to be done. It needs to be done right. There are several excuses we have to justify firing an employee. However there is one question we must ask ourselves every time – “Is it absolutely necessary to fire this person?” More often than not, a well thought, evaluated and honest answer is “No”. Let us reason with ourselves how not to fire someone.

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  • a better leader

    This one change will make you a better leader

    There is always a method to the madness. All complexities in life and work have a simple solution somewhere close, out of sight. Leadership is one such complexity. While there are a million resources to enlighten us on becoming a better leader, I rank this one quality as the most rewarding.

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  • chasing the right goals and monitoring reports

    Are you chasing the right goals?

    What gets measured gets managed. You would have heard this several times. There is so much focus on measuring and reporting all data that is easily available. This leads to information overload. Colorful charts on the projector screen scream for attention. Quite often, teams waste energy and time on meaningless reports. What are you monitoring? What are your goals? Are you chasing the right goals?

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  • how do you measure business growth

    How do you measure business growth?

    Increase in sales revenue and profitability are the two most common objectives for every business. Businesses measure month on month, quarter on quarter, year on year growth in sales. However, it is important to segment the growth data for actionable insights. How do you measure business growth? Do you look at the overall trend? Do you segment customers into groups and monitor trend for each group?

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GSP maturity model assessment is an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of your marketing, sales and customer engagement processes. The audit recommends key improvement opportunities along with observations and a maturity score.

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Business Management and Strategy Articles

How to retain customers

How to Retain Customers?

Customer retention at all stages of a business is more important than customer acquisition. How to retain customers? The equation for how to retain customers is pretty simple. The rate of innovation should exceed the rate of increase in customer expectations.

Employee Engagement and Customer Experience

delighted black female barista serving coffee in cup in cafe. Delivering great customer service to the guest

Great Customer Service is a Zero Cost Strategy

Profitability and sustainability for most businesses depend upon customer loyalty. Repeat transactions from customers is what every business aims for. You may have heard about the concept of measuring customer life time value (LTV). There are several strategies and tactics businesses use to lure customers into repeat and more frequent transactions. Delivering a great customer service is one of these and is a zero cost strategy.