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We try to simplify the art of management – managing people, goals, problems, situations. Every complex problem has a simple solution.

Business Strategy ↗

What is strategy? How do you plan to meet your business goals? This is my personal favorite category.

Customer Experience ↗

Delivering a great customer experience is a zero cost strategy to grow your business. Get some tips on improving customer experience.

Employee Engagement ↗

How do you create an employee value proposition to boost retention, loyalty and performance? Check out our employee engagement blog posts.

Leadership ↗

What are the qualities that makes one a great leader. As we believe “Leaders are made”, we explore these qualities in our Leadership blog posts.

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Sales is less art and more science. We share tips and best practices to help increase sales for your business.

know your worth and ask for it

What’s Your Worth?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Know your worth and ask for it.” Turns out, that’s sage advice whether you’re negotiating a salary or looking for a new job.

In today’s tight labor market, companies are eager to find and keep the best employees. According to one survey, 78 percent of employers said they are willing to adjust salaries to meet their desired candidates.

So how do you know what you should be earning?

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