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How to increase sales when business is slow?

Featured Post. Follow these 5 steps to get sales back on track.

Introducing Good Sales Practices (GSP) Maturity Model

Good Sales Practices Audit Process

Sales is less art, more science.

The outcomes of the sales process can be improved by following the “Good Sales Practices”. These good practices help in achieving consistent and predictable results.

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GSP Maturity Model Assessment

The assessment is an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of your marketing, sales and customer engagement processes. The audit recommends key improvement opportunities along with observations and a maturity score.

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The Four Keys of Great Managers: (1) When selecting someone, they select for talent … not simply experience, intelligence or determination. (2) When setting expectations, they define the right outcomes … not the right steps. (3) When motivating someone, they focus on strengths … not on weaknesses. and (4) When developing someone, they help him find the right fit … not simply the next rung on the ladder.

– Marcus Buckingham, Author and Motivational Speaker