Are you using videos for social media marketing?

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YouTube is no longer the only platform users would opt for to watch video content. Video content is being published and consumed on all platforms. It has become the most prominent content type especially for brand and product promotions. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter – they and almost all other social media platforms give preference to video content. Are you yet to consider using videos for social media marketing?

87% marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool.  Click HERE to check the infographic from Oberlo about “10 video marketing statistics that you need to know in 2020”.
How could you use video to promote your brand and products?
  1. Quick product tutorials: create short videos on how to use your products. If you have a physical product, shoot videos on how to unpack, assemble, install and use the product. If you have a software product, record a short demo including the sign-up process
  2. Chat show format: you could record these with two people from your team or if you could convince one of your customers to be a volunteer. Use the question and answer format to talk about the use and benefits of your product and services.
  3. Customer testimonials: These could help establish trust with new prospects. Video testimonials from customers is the best advertisement for any brand. You could use these almost everywhere – on your website, social media pages, exhibitions, YouTube etc.
  4. Personal message from the Directors or key employees: these could be used to share important updates about the company or industry. For example, steps taken by the company to ensure safety of employees during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  5. Videos of company events or CSR activities: these let potential customers see the human story of a brand. Videos of celebrating festivals at work or organization of a charity event to help the community.
  6. Animated Explainer Videos: these have been quite popular in the last few years. There are bunch of online tools available or you could simply hire a freelancer to get these created.

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