Trust and Tech: How They Can Work Together to Boost Your Business

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So many businesses are reaching around in the dark to find ways to appeal to customers. While you can use tools like SEO and blogs to help promote your business, you are ultimately relying on tools to push your business into the consciousness of your potential customers.

Marketers who make dependability a cornerstone of their brand strategy are three times more likely to win customer trust.


Tech is something that we all can potentially misuse. If we are aiming to engage customers and clients, we’ve got to build trust. Technology and trust can certainly work hand in hand to enhance your business. Let’s show you what they can do in tandem.

User-Friendly Customer Service

Customer service is an absolute must to build trust.

“The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.” – Tom Peters.

This is where something like apps can be an invaluable mode of support. You can learn how to make loan app platforms if you are providing a financial service, but you need to go beyond this by offering chat support, FAQ sections, and so much more to allow customers to find the solutions to their problems all by themselves.

We need to be ready and responsive, but we need to show that we are dedicated to serving customer needs. User-friendliness is critical, and this is why an app that is streamlined and well-designed can be one of the most important tech solutions you will ever have.


If we want to build a bridge of trust with customers, we need transparency. Technology can help businesses provide trust through social media and website channels, allowing customers to gain insight into our operations.

71% of consumers who have had a good social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.

We always need to wear our hearts on our sleeves when it comes to company values. When we show just why a customer should trust in our abilities through transparency via the most commonly accessed platforms, we can go a long way to ensure that we build the brand, while also keeping people engaged.

Assuring Secure Data Handling

There are greater concerns over data privacy and security than ever these days. Businesses need to assure customers that every iota of their information is truly handled with care.

We need to invest in robust cybersecurity measures. Also, we have to display our commitment to protecting information to boost trust. We can reinforce data security measures in so many different ways. For example, through a managed IT services company, but we have to go further, and this is all about ensuring our customers and clients can trust us.

Providing Immediate Communication

That immediate back-and-forth between customer and business is critical, not just for the customer, but to ensure that we can make improvements based on their suggestions.

We need to ensure that, whether it’s through chatbots or a 24/7 phone line, we can enhance our relationship with customers to reinforce trust and reliability.

As a business slowly becomes aware of how it can improve its relationships with customers, it needs to capitalize on the concept of trust. Technology and trust may seem to be disparate entities, but in fact, these opposing forces can work together for the good of every area of your company.

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