Take A Pause. The Key To Winning Arguments

Photo by Sound On on Pexels.com

When in an argument, sometimes the best winning strategy is to take a pause. Give your opponent time to introspect. Silence can be loud. Here are two examples on how to take a pause to win negotiations.

Don’t Let Caution and Fear Stifle the Good Employees

There is a natural inclination for business owners and those in charge of setting work policies to err on the side of caution. After all, in any company, there are always a few employees who take advantage of any leniency and push the boundaries. How to avoid the pitfall of bad work policies?

Are you a BAD Manager?

One of the most (ab)used and (mis)shared quotes on social networks is that “People leave managers, not companies”. This is somewhat true. People leave jobs due to bad managers. But people leave good managers too.
What makes a manager good or bad? You need to realize that the correct answer is not a definite point on a scale. Like most quality measurements, the answer would have a range. Like how sweet is a cup of tea? Or like salt to taste.