How to Scrape Twitter Followers to Build a Custom List

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Did you know you can scrape twitter followers, lists and likes to build a custom list for your email campaigns?

If this is a new information for you, continue reading and watch the video demo. I’ve tested a new product – and have recorded my first time use of the product to scrape twitter followers of a competitor’s account.

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Tweetscraper: Scrape Twitter Followers on Autopilot is a tool that’s been helping businesses scrape emails from their target audience on Twitter – completely on autopilot so that they can save time on lead generation.

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Product Overview:

Scrape emails from your target audience on Twitter: your account, popular accounts, influencer accounts, competitor accounts.

Find emails from any audience or niche on Twitter to build highly targeted lead lists that get more replies.

TweetScraper gets you hyper-targeted emails for your cold outreach.

From your competitors or the top influencers in your niche you can easily scrape any audience on Twitter for emails.

  • Scrape any Twitter (X) account for followers or following accounts
  • Scrape any tweet for accounts that like and retweet
  • Scrape Twitter lists for list members

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Why is Twitter (X) a great tool to identify potential customers?

Twitter is a great option to identify potential customers because it allows you to monitor conversations, trends and hashtags related to your niche or industry.

Search on Twitter to find people who may be interested in what you offer. This can help you connect with individuals seeking solutions, asking questions, or facing challenges that your product or service can help with.

Once you have identified accounts that are followed by your target audience, use tools like TweetScraper to list their followers. Export accounts with emails and add them to your email list!

Additionally, use Twitter to build relationships with influential people who can help you reach more potential customers and increase your opportunities for success.

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