Thinking Outside the Box: Lesser-Known Real Estate Marketing Strategies

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For real estate professionals looking to stay ahead of the game and enhance their real estate marketing strategies, there are often overlooked trends that can make a significant impact on their businesses.

While traditional methods like print ads, open houses, and online listings have their place, it’s important to explore new possibilities.

In this article, we will dive into some potential real estate marketing trends that have the power to reshape how properties are marketed and how clients are engaged.

Exploring Overlooked Real Estate Marketing Strategies

  • Personalized video messages
  • Community involvement
  • Client appreciation events
  • Collaboration with local businesses

Personalized Video Messages.

In the world of real estate, a video is worth more than a thousand words. Including at least one video in property listings can lead to a 400% increase in inquiries, according to Rechat.

This trend gained prominence during the pandemic when virtual property walk-throughs and open houses became necessary.

However, it has continued to flourish as online video consumption has surged. A survey by Wyzowl in November 2022 revealed that the average person spends 17 hours a week watching videos on the internet, up from 10.5 hours in 2018.

Retail brands have already capitalized on the power of video. An overwhelming 90% of consumers surveyed stated that watching a video influenced their purchasing decisions, and 51% said they are more likely to share a video with friends than any other type of online content.

Real estate agents can leverage this trend by creating personalized video messages for potential buyers. Introducing themselves and showcasing properties through personalized videos can be a unique and impactful way to engage with clients using real estate social media posts.

Community Involvement.

Being a successful real estate agent involves more than just lead generation and door-knocking.

To make a real impact on the community you serve, it’s important to become a familiar face. Engaging with neighbourhood activities and establishing an active presence can help you achieve this.

Community involvement provides a platform to build connections and allows people to get to know you better. However, it’s crucial to approach community involvement with sincerity. Helping others should be the primary focus, with self-promotion taking a backseat.

Strive to build genuine connections without using noble causes solely for business purposes.

Client Appreciation Events.

Remaining top-of-mind is a key aspect of real estate marketing, as repeat business and referrals are vital in this competitive industry. To stay relevant to previous clients, two effective real estate marketing strategies stand out: real estate client appreciation events and gifts.

The most successful branding strategies today revolve around the concept of community. Clients want to feel like they are part of something greater.

By organizing appreciation events catered to specific neighborhoods or types of clients, you can foster a sense of connection. These events provide an opportunity to show clients that you genuinely care about them and appreciate their business.

Going the extra mile to organize an event that resonates with their interests will leave a lasting positive impression.

Collaboration with Local Businesses.

As a real estate agent, you can provide better service to your customers by acting as a trusted referral partner for their various needs when buying or selling property.

This involves networking and establishing relationships with related businesses and service providers in your service area, creating a preferred vendor network.

Collaborating with local businesses, such as home décor or furniture stores, can offer added value to your clients. You can negotiate discounts or promotions that benefit your clients and strengthen your referral network. Partnering with home decorators and stagers in your area can help transform the perception of a property through staging, enhancing its appeal to prospective buyers.

Final Thoughts: Lesser Known Real Estate Marketing Strategies.

Exploring overlooked real estate marketing trends can give you a competitive edge in the industry.

By incorporating personalized video messages, engaging in community, organizing client appreciation events, and collaborating with local businesses, you can create a dynamic marketing strategy that sets you apart from the competition.

Embracing these trends allows you to connect with clients on a deeper level and establish yourself as a trusted and valuable resource in the real estate market.

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