Could the Accessibility of Your Business Website be Impacting User Engagement?

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In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is essential for any business looking not only to succeed, but thrive. An expertly designed website is a powerful tool that can work to attract the attention of your potential customers, generating leads and ultimately driving sales as a result.

However, it can be easy for businesses to overlook one of the most crucial aspects of website design, significantly impacting user engagement: accessibility.

Accessibility of Business Website – What is it?

Accessibility refers to the factors of your website design that ensure people with disabilities can access and navigate a website effectively.

While accessibility is primarily about providing equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities, it also has a broader impact on user engagement. There may be several ways to increase website engagement, but it is vital that the accessibility of your business website is not overlooked.  

Think about it. How many times have you visited a website and struggled to find what you were looking for?

Perhaps the font was too small, or the navigation confusing. Well, the same holds true for individuals with disabilities who face unique challenges when browsing the internet. This is where the importance of accessibility comes into play.

The single most important thing to understand is that people use web sites in very different ways. This doesn’t just mean disabled people using special equipment but everyone – regardless of whether you might think of them as having a “special need”.

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What can you do about it?

By implementing accessible design principles, you can work to create a business website that caters to all users, regardless of their abilities. This not only enhances the user experience, but also boosts visitor engagement and expands the reach of your online presence.

Improved Usability

Proper website accessibility can improve user engagement by increasing the usability of your website. By incorporating features such as alt-text for images, descriptive headings, and intuitive navigation, you make it easier for all users to understand and interact with your content.

This leads to higher engagement levels, as visitors can quickly locate the information that they need, engaging with your business more effectively and increasing the chances that they complete a purchase later down the line.  

Better SEO 

Accessibility of business website can also have a positive impact upon your SEO, as search engines like Google strive to provide the best possible user experience, prioritising websites that are user-friendly and accessible.

By making your website accessible, you increase its chances of ranking higher within the organic search engine results, meaning more organic traffic and greater visibility for your business.  

It’s important to note that accessibility goes beyond physical disabilities. It also encompasses visual impairments, hearing impairments, cognitive disabilities, and more. By catering to a wider range of users, you not only increase user engagement but also foster inclusivity and demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility.  

But how can you ensure that your website is accessible?

Well, if you’re unsure of where to start, partnering with an experienced SEO agency could be a wise investment. SEO agencies specialise in optimising websites for search engines, and they understand the importance of accessibility of business website in driving user engagement.

They conduct thorough audits of your website, identify accessibility issues, and provide actionable recommendations to improve your website’s accessibility.  

Some key accessibility considerations include providing alternative text for images, using descriptive link text, using colour contrast that is easily readable, ensuring keyboard navigation compatibility, and providing closed captions for videos.

These practices will help to make your website more accessible to individuals using assistive technologies such as screen readers, braille displays, and keyboard navigation.  

Conclusion: Impact of accessibility of business website on user engagement

The most important blind visitor to your website is Google! In the same way that creating accessible web pages helps disabled person access your content, it also helps Google index your pages so that the right people can find your service or product.” – JIM BYRNE, Founder of Guild of Accessible Web Designers.

The accessibility of your business website plays a crucial role in user engagement and overall online success. By designing your website with accessibility in mind, you not only create a better user experience, but also open doors to a wider audience.

Partnering with an SEO agency that understands the importance of accessibility can help you to identify and address any accessibility gaps, ensuring that your website is inclusive, user-friendly, and optimised for success.

Remember, accessibility is not just a legal requirement; it’s an opportunity to make a positive impact and drive your business forward, so, take the first step towards a more accessible and engaging website today!

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Lauren Priddey is a digital marketing executive at In Front Digital, a Midlands based digital marketing agency in the U.K. specialising in SEO, PPC and analytics consulting. In Front works with a range of local and international businesses to help them increase their online visibility and rankings within the organic search results.

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