Future Of Work Predictions – 5 Trends You Should Know

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The pandemic has permanently altered the ways we live and work. Employees globally have reevaluated their aspirations and work preferences. Here are 5 future of work predictions you should be aware of.

Multiverse For Work: Interesting Twist To Remote Working Possibilities

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While you sip coffee slouching on a bean bag in your living room, your virtual avatar walks up to your colleague to discuss the latest project report. Welcome to the multiverse of work, for work. As Covid-19 disrupted ways we live and work, it has permanently altered reality and expectations. Most of us do not want to go back to the pre-pandemic normal.

Why Are Employees Leaving? A McKinsey Report

The competition for talent has changed. But why are employees leaving? Find out the findings of a recent McKinsey survey in today’s news. Other headlines for the day include the impact of digital nomads on local economies.