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Sales Case Study – Banking and Insurance

This is a sales case study with two examples. Minu, a banker and Suraj, a relationship manager with an insurance company meet Rajat to convince him for investing in respective schemes. What made them lose or win the sale?
Rajat works as a customer service manager with an e-commerce company. He has two personal items on his agenda for the day:
  • He needs to visit his bank to deposit a cheque
  • One of his policies with the insurance company is about to mature next week. The relationship manager from the company had scheduled a meeting with Rajat
Rajat decides to visit the bank early in the morning.
At the bank, he submits the cheque at the teller counter. Sheela, the clerk requests Rajat to speak to Minu. She suggests that Minu would like to discuss an investment opportunity. While Rajat was a little reluctant, he agrees to meet Minu.
Minu had the advantage of having complete information about Rajat’s finances including his bank balance, cash flow and EMIs.

Conversation between Minu and Rajat

Minu – Sir, we have few investment options you may want to consider. At a monthly premium of 5000…
Rajat – Do you have any suggestion for a single premium investment options…
Minu – Sir, let me show you the details of this scheme…
Rajat – Can you please email me the details. I shall review and get back to you.
Rajat returns to his office.
Suraj, the relationship officer with the insurance company arrives 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting.

Conversation between Suraj and Rajat

Suraj – Sir, thank you for sparing some time for me today. I understand it must be a busy day.

Rajat – No problem.
Suraj – I wanted to thank you on behalf of our company. Your policy no. will mature next week. As instructed, the total amount will be credited to your savings account.
Rajat – Thank you Suraj.
Suraj – Sir, I’d like to recommend a great plan for reinvesting the amount. Here, we have a policy I’d like to show you. I have pulled up some details for comparison based on your profile. This is the last 24 months performance for this scheme. You could see details for Mr. Arif and Ms. Sapna who had invested in this same policy a year ago. Here are the returns.
Rajat – So what do I need to do?
Suraj – Sir here is the calculation. 90% from the total maturity amount will be re-invested in this new scheme. The balance 10% will be credited to your savings account on the date of maturity.
Rajat – Okay.
Suraj – I have these documents ready. May I request you to sign the documents. I will fill up rest of the details.
Rajat agrees to reinvest in the scheme suggested by Suraj.

Why did Minu lose the sale?

  • She lacked preparation – she had complete information about Rajat’s finances and investment pattern. However, she did not utilise the information to tailor her sales pitch
  • She did not pay attention to the client’s needs – Rajat was interested in a single premium policy. Minu brushed aside the objection. She insisted on presenting details of the schemes she was suggesting. This is the point when she lost the interest and the sale
  • She did not offer a rebuttal – both when he said he needs a single premium policy and when he asked her to send the details on email, she did not offer a rebuttal. She should have acknowledged the concern and tried a work around

Why did Suraj win the sale?

  • He was prepared – he had everything in order. The details of the existing investment, performance summary and comparison for the new scheme, documents if Rajat agreed to invest in the new scheme
  • Used gratitude to his advantage – Thanked Rajat for being a client and for sparing time from his busy schedule
  • Had a proof of concept ready – he presented returns on the investments made by two similar clients, Arif and Sapna

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