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Heard of no code or low code? Garter estimates that by 2025, 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use no code or low code technologies.

BMB Newsflash: Code or No Code

Code or No Code: Today’s News Headlines

No Code and Low Code Making Tech More Usable

Technology is not just getting affordable and accessible, it’s also getting more usable. Heard of low code and no code? Yes, quite literally, that’s exactly what they mean – low coding or no coding at all to develop new applications. No-code is a software development approach that requires no or few programming skills to quickly build an application.

That allows users with business process knowledge without programming skills to create software applications such as a user forms or website. Gartner estimates that by 2025, 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use no-code or low-code technologies. That is up from less than 25% in 2020.

A major push for organizations is the difficulty in hiring and retaining tech talent. Hence more than 80% organizations are willing to build and maintain their apps using no code and low code techniques. Airtable, Appy Pie, ClickUp and Quickbase are some of the most prominent no code development platforms.

From Remote Work to Online Workplaces

The future of work keeps getting exciting. We’ve seen the shift from physical offices to work from home and work from anywhere.The next in line are online workplaces.

Yes, online workplaces let teams working from distributed locations come to work together in an online virtual office space, each day, side by side. Team members may be working from anywhere – home, on a beach or a café. They may be halfway around the world.

These online workplace solutions let them be on the same office floor, in the same room, virtually. There are front desk areas, conference rooms, cubicles, guest rooms and break rooms. This is taking remote working a few steps ahead.

World Refugee Day

Today is world refugee day, a day to educate ourselves and others about the plights of refugees around the world, and foster empathy and care for those who need our help in these times.

The concept of taking refuge dates back to ancient Egypt. The international efforts to protect refugees began in 1921 when the League of Nations set up a commission to help people escaping the Russian revolution.

As per reports, there are more than 70 million displaced people across the globe. That equates to 1 in every 100 people.

There will be a host of events to mark the day in over a 100 countries. Join one near you. If you can, donate to charities helping refugees, spread the word on social media and pray for innocent people living through the most challenging of circumstances.

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