Women In Business: From Classrooms To Boardrooms | And Other News Headlines

women in business and other news headlines for today

From Classrooms to Boardrooms – That is the path to change for greater women representation and participation in business. In a positive news, Harvard Business School reported having 44% females in their campus this year with 1 to 2 mothers in each section.

BMB Newsflash: Women in Business

BMB Newsflash for Friday, 17th June 2022 | Women in Business, Global Supply Chain & National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Women in Business: Classrooms to Boardrooms

For a greater representation for women in business, we need a greater female representation in classrooms. That is the path for change to happen – from classrooms to boardrooms.

Harvard Business School reported having 44% females in their campus this year with 1 to 2 mothers in each section. It’s interesting to note that they first accepted women into MBA programs in 1963.

That’s the progress made at HBS in 6 decades. Slow but promising.

Did you know that there are only 26 women CEOs at Fortune 500 companies (Source: Forbes).

For a greater change across boardrooms, we need more women students, professors, deans and research scholars.

Global Supply Chain Under Pressure

Global supply chains will continue to remain under pressure through 2022. Trade outlook will continue to be impacted by the prolonged war in Ukraine and Covid-19 restrictions in China. Traffic jams have increased significantly in Chinese ports due to the zero-Covid policy.

The war has disrupted container traffic in the North Sea. The congestion is not to easy any time soon.

As per reports, 11% goods are currently waiting on container ships globally, most of them in China. There may be a significant shift in global trade flows as buyers, especially from Europe, look for alternatives to Russian commodities and goods.

National Eat Your Vegetables Day

June 17th is marked as the National Eat Your Vegetables Day. A good excuse to add more veggies and color to your lunch and dinner today.

Focus on getting ample veggies in your diet, and improve your overall health and well-being. Vegetables are an important source of nutrients that help prevent heart disease and decrease bone loss, offset diabetes, and even improve the health of your hair and skin.

Raise awareness and educate kids. Try growing your own veggies in your terrace garden. Wishing you good health on National Eat Your Vegetables Day.

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