How to Prank Your Boss Without Getting Fired

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We all have those days when we feel like having some fun at work and pulling a prank on our boss. But how do you do it without risking your job or ruining your relationship with your manager? We’ll share some tips on how to prank your boss. Some bosses surely deserve this!

Here are some tips and ideas for harmless pranks that will make your boss laugh, not angry.

  • Fake resignation letter
  • Office switcheroo
  • Fake promotion
  • Broken mouse, keyboard or monitor
  • Fake meeting, call, appointment

Get ready to prank your boss!

Prank 1: The Fake Resignation Letter

This one is a classic, but you have to be careful with it. Write a convincing letter of resignation, explaining why you are leaving the company and thanking your boss for the opportunity.

Make sure to include some positive feedback and compliments, so that your boss doesn’t feel hurt or offended. Then, leave the letter on your boss’s desk or email it to them.

Wait for their reaction and then reveal that it was a joke. Be prepared to apologize and explain why you did it, and make sure your boss knows that you are happy with your job and have no intention of quitting.

Prank 2: The Office Switcheroo

This one requires some planning and cooperation from your co-workers.

Choose a day when your boss is out of the office, and swap their office with someone else’s. You can either switch everything, including the furniture and the decorations, or just the personal items, such as photos, plants, awards, etc.

When your boss comes back, act like nothing has changed and watch their confusion. You can also pretend that they are in the wrong office and ask them to leave.

Prank 3: The Fake Promotion

This one is a bit risky, but it can be very funny if done right.

Find out if your boss has applied for a promotion or is expecting one soon. Then, create a fake email from the higher-ups, congratulating your boss on their promotion and announcing it to the whole team.

Make sure the email looks authentic and professional, and use the correct names and titles of the people involved. Send the email to your boss and cc everyone else. Wait for your boss to celebrate and then break the news that it was a prank.

Be ready to congratulate them on their achievements and express your hope that they will get a real promotion soon.

Prank 4: The Broken Mouse, Keyboard or Monitor

This one is easy and harmless, but it can be very frustrating for your boss. All you need to prank your boss is some tape or a sticky note.

Cover the sensor of your boss’s mouse with tape or a sticky note, so that it doesn’t work properly. Or, stick a note under one of the keys of their keyboard, so that it doesn’t register when pressed. Or, change the settings of their monitor, so that it displays in black and white or upside down.

Watch your boss struggle with their device and then reveal the prank.

Prank 5: Fake Meeting, Call or Appointment

This one is fun and simple, but you have to be careful not to interfere with your boss’s actual schedule or important tasks.

Create a fake meeting invite, call, or appointment for your boss, using a fake name or number. Make sure the topic is something ridiculous or embarrassing, such as a therapy session, a date, or a sales pitch for a dubious product.

Send the invite, call, or message to your boss and wait for them to respond. Then, admit that it was a prank and apologize for wasting their time.

These are some of the pranks that you can try on your boss without getting fired. Remember to be respectful and considerate of your boss’s feelings and preferences, and don’t go too far with your jokes trying to prank your boss.

Pranks are meant to be fun and light-hearted, not mean or harmful.

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