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Business Management
We try to simplify the art of management – managing people, goals, problems, situations. Every complex problem has a simple solution.

Business Strategy
What is strategy? How do you plan to meet your business goals? This is my personal favorite category.

Customer Experience
Delivering a great customer experience is a zero cost strategy to grow your business. Get some tips on improving customer experience.

Employee Engagement
How do you create an employee value proposition to boost retention, loyalty and performance? Check out our employee engagement blog posts.

What are the qualities that makes one a great leader. As we believe “Leaders are made”, we explore these qualities in our Leadership blog posts.

Sales is less art and more science. We share tips and best practices to help increase sales for your business.

About me

Hi! I am an independent business strategy consultant, helping companies take data driven business decisions.

My Mission is to find and implement simple solutions for complex business problems.

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