Empathy in Leadership – Why every leader needs a customer service stint?

Empathy, compassion, listening with patience, the willingness to express gratitude and accept mistakes are some of the soft skills that leaders need to lead happy teams. Jerks cannot be good leaders. People management is about people. You cannot excel at people management if you lack empathy and compassion. Compassion and empathy in leadership is non-negotiable.

Humor Tips for the Grumpy Boss

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This is one of the classic workplace characters – the grumpy boss.
Mind you. He or she is not evil or wicked. They are just grumpy – bad-tempered, irritable, annoyed. They have this unique skill to say the most pleasant of things and still manage to upset people. Here are 5 tips to help the grumpy boss add humor to his aresenal.

My Biggest Leadership Mistake

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My biggest strengths as a leader have been the ability to connect with my team and help them find simple solutions for problems both at work and in life. A fellow manager once said that I “effortlessly bring a method to the madness”. However, I am like most on a journey to improve myself every day. As I would rate people management as one of my key leadership qualities, this post is about my biggest leadership mistake.

This one change will make you a better leader

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There is always a method to the madness. All complexities in life and work have a simple solution somewhere close, out of sight. Leadership is one such complexity. While there are a million resources to enlighten us on becoming a better leader, I rank this one quality as the most rewarding.