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The last couple of years have changed the way we live, work, shop, communicate and travel. Things will not be the same anymore. Remote working has become the new normal. This post is a collection of work from home cartoon strips. These comic strips illustrate how employees have been spending their time working remotely during the pandemic.

Return to office comic strip

Return to Office Wish List – Comic Strip

Work from home cartoon: schedule of a corporate employee

Work from home cartoon to illustrate daily schedule of a employee
Work from home schedule

The New Normal: Online Meetings

The new normal for meeting during work from home
The New Normal for Work Meetings

The wait for salary increment continues

Work from home cartoon - the wait for salary increment
The Wait for Salary Increment Continues

Work from home KPIs

Work from home KPIs Trend
Work from home KPIs Trend

Easy Tip: How to help employees manage stress and work life balance as they continue to work from home?

How did you spend your time during the lockdown?

How did you spend your free time working from home during the pandemic?
2019 vs 2020 – How did you spend your free time?

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