Why Are Employees Leaving? A McKinsey Report

why are employees leaving news report

In a recent report on voluntary resignations, McKinsey reported that nearly half of the employees who voluntarily resigned are not planning to come back on their own. But why are employees leaving jobs? Watch the latest news report.

Why are employees leaving?

News Report: Why Are Employees Leaving?

Employees are leaving jobs faster than companies can replace them. In the McKinsey survey of almost 600 workers, more than 40% said they have little to no interest in returning to traditional jobs in the next six months.

The competition for talent has changed. But why are employees leaving? The top three reasons the report cites are:

  • Uncaring leaders,
  • Unsustainable work performance expectations, and
  • Lack of career advancement potential.

Lack of support for employee health and well-being, inadequate compensation and lack of workplace flexibility are other prominent reasons. Which of these need to be addressed at your workplace?

Act now. Act before it’s too late.

Digital Nomads: The New Workforce

In a HBR article last month, they suggested Digital Nomad Visas to boost local economies? Who are these digital nomads? Let’s introduce you to this interesting component of the future of work.

As more and more companies realize the possibilities of remote work and allow employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, a growing group of remote professionals are interpreting the anywhere in work from anywhere a whole lot differently.

They are leveraging remote working to live in tourist hotspots or tropical destinations for long periods at a stretch. They have given the travel and tourism industry a new sub vertical – workation.

To boost recovery from the pandemic’s impact, some countries that rely heavily on the tourism sector introduced special visas to these digital nomads. These nomads can be a boon to the local economy. Well paid professionals, they come with the capacity and the freedom to spend and splurge.

International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day
Celebrating Women in Engineering

Today, June 23rd, is International Women in Engineering Day. The Women’s Engineering Society in the UK celebrated International Women in Engineering Day for the first time in 2014. Since then the celebrations have grown and the day has received UNESCO patronage.

The theme for this year is women inventors and innovators. It’s to celebrate the amazing work that women engineers around the world are doing.

As per some reports, less than 17% of all engineers are women.

Hoping this day raises the much needed awareness and we see more bright girl students take up engineering as a career. Do share a thank you note with women engineers in your family, at work or in your network.

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