The Great Layoff In Indian Startups | And Other News Headlines

The Great Layoff

The great layoff follows the great resignation for Indian startups. 9200+ employees have been laid off so far in 2022 by Indian startups.

Vedantu, Ola, Meesho, Unacademy, Cars24 have all laid off employees.

Slowdown in startup funding is one of the major reasons for this firing spree. Ecommerce and Edtech startups have seen the most layoffs.

The Great Layoff | Newsflash June 09th, 2022

Today’s Newsflash

1. The Great Layoff follows the Great Resignation

9200+ employees laid off by 20 startups including unicorns in 2022 amid the funding winter for Indian startups. Many of these startups seem to have interpreted slow down in funding as a license to fire people as a “cost-cutting exercise”, disrupting thousands of livelihoods in the process. (Source: Inc42)

2. Tip of the day: slow down while you eat

Eating food in a hurry? Fast eaters are likely to have a much higher BMI than slow eaters. Hormones control how much you get and how full you get post meal. It requires at least 20 minutes for the brain to process this information. So slow down and enjoy your food.

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Do you find yourself in too many video meetings all day Always at your desk to attend video meetings? lets you escape video meetings to get some activity, fresh air and sunshine. Hands free note taking, AI assistant to summarize meeting outcomes. Check it out on the playstore. Free plan available. Earn feetcoins with every step

4. Quote of the day

woman wears yellow hard hat holding vehicle part
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Stacy founded Savvy Ladies, a non-profit providing free financial advice for women, after seeing her grandmother suffer from spousal abuse. “There’s just a huge swath of women that desperately need this financial advice,” says Stacy. Great job Girl!

5. This Day of the Year: National Farm Workers Day

Started by Mega Group, South Africa, National Farm Workers Day is celebrated On every second Thursday of June. This is to be grateful for all the hard work that farmers do to keep fresh food coming. Go visit a farm this week. Order fresh veggies and fruits directly from your local farmer or farmer association.

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