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5 Tips for Your Next Job Promotion

What your boss never told you about career growth

Accenture in an employee survey realized that only about one third had asked for a promotion, raise or job change. Interestingly, out of those who asked, 65% reported it helped them. More than half of the employees who asked for a promotion got one. Asking for a promotion or raise helps. What your boss never told you about career growth?

win back lost customers

How to win back lost customers?

What is your customer win-loss ratio? It is not the same as sales conversion rate. Each year you add new customers and each year you lose some customers. Number of new customers added in a year divided by number of customers lost is the win-loss ratio for your business. Lost customers can undo all the benefits of great marketing and sales strategies. How do you win back lost customers?

best strategies for marketing small business

Best marketing strategies for offline businesses

To identify the best strategies for marketing your small business, you first need to understand your customers. Do you know your customer? The question sounds simple. It is not. Most businesses have a very broad definition of “who is my customer?”.

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kids playing soccer

How to break down goals bit by bit?

Size tricks our minds. The enormity of a challenge or goal deflates the enthusiasm. You may toil long enough and yet feel there’s no progress. Well, as they say, Rome was not built in a day. It helps to break down goals bit by bit. Most ‘impossible’ goals can be met simply by breaking them down into bite-size chunks. Read more

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We try to simplify the art of management – managing people, goals, problems, situations. Every complex problem has a simple solution.

Business Strategy
What is strategy? How do you plan to meet your business goals? This is my personal favorite category.

Customer Experience
Delivering a great customer experience is a zero cost strategy to grow your business. Get some tips on improving customer experience.

Employee Engagement
How do you create an employee value proposition to boost retention, loyalty and performance? Check out our employee engagement blog posts.

What are the qualities that makes one a great leader. As we believe “Leaders are made”, we explore these qualities in our Leadership blog posts.

Sales is less art and more science. We share tips and best practices to help increase sales for your business.