The Multiverse Challenge To Happiness

Our many worlds (family, friends, work) do not exist in silos. They intersect, interact and influence. Unlike the popular multiverse theory, we as individuals move from one world to another everyday. As we move from one to another, we carry along our emotions too – happiness, worries, stress.

How Often Do You Unplug From Work?

It worries me that there is even a need to ask this question. But truth be told, we have programmed our brains to imitate modern gadgets. We let our brains enjoy the tech equivalents of “sleep mode” and “hibernation” but seldom “shut if off”.

How To Deal With Brilliant Jerks?

How do you deal with brilliant jerks at work? Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says “fire them”. Ariana Huffington, cofounder of the Huffington Post says – “No brilliant jerks allowed”. The cost to the company is too high if you do. Do you agree?

Unconscious bias at work – Are you a victim or accused?

You may not need to think too hard to answer this. While I will consciously refrain from saying all, a very large majority of us have been a victim of unconscious bias. Not just victims, we all can as easily be accused of being unconsciously biased against someone.

Stereotyping is a form of bias. How often we stereotype others? How often have you been “stereotyped”?