Sometimes All You Need Is A Little Nudge Or A Gentle Push

As a leader, you know that not all team members are created equal. Some people seem to thrive under pressure, whereas others crumble. And then there are the ones who just never seem to get their act together. How do you handle underperformers at work?

Leadership Lessons From Dan Brown’s Inferno

I am a strong believer in the statement “fiction imitates life”. I have often derived the best of life, business, relationship and leadership lessons from fiction. Great authors are great gurus. Here are two leadership lessons from Dan Brown’s bestseller Inferno.

Humor Tips for the Grumpy Boss


This is one of the classic workplace characters – the grumpy boss.
Mind you. He or she is not evil or wicked. They are just grumpy – bad-tempered, irritable, annoyed. They have this unique skill to say the most pleasant of things and still manage to upset people. Here are 5 tips to help the grumpy boss add humor to his aresenal.