Startup Business Idea for Food Entrepreneurs: Campus Food Truck

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In the last few years, food trucks have become very popular in the US offering a twist of taste along with quick service and cost effectiveness compared to restaurants. The phenomenon is catching up in India too. De3 (Bangalore), Eat nā€™ Run (Mumbai), The Spitfire BBQ Truck (Bangalore), EGGJactly (Delhi) are some of the popular food trucks in India and the number of food trucks is on the rise.

Starting a Campus Food Truck Business is a lucrative idea for food entrepreneurs. Find a niche that suits the taste of college students and young professionals in your city, get a customized food cart or truck and spread the message on social media. Let students and professionals follow the truck schedule on social media ā€“ which day of the month will the truck be parked in a particular college or business center? Once the food truck gains popularity, let college and office groups invite your team for a campus food party.

Spend some time on your business plan. The name of the food truck, menu, pricing, design of the truck are all very important. You would be competing not only with budget restaurants in and around campuses and business centers but also street fast food vendors. Plan if you think you would need a business loan or financial assistance from friends and family.

And this comes with a bonus ā€“ it is much easier for the team to take a day or two off when you plan to unwind on a weekend holiday.

By Nitesh Verma

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