How To Start An Online Business For Beginners

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Starting an online business is easier than ever before. With just a few clicks, you can create a website that will allow you to earn money while you sleep. Several online tools and resources can help you get started, and you can reach a global audience with your product or service. We’ll walk you through everything from choosing a niche to finding products to sell. You’ll also learn about the different types of businesses available and what each one entails.

Small Business Idea: Online Garage Sale

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Hyperlocal ecommerce business model has now ensured the participation of brick and mortar stores and it seems to be the way forward ensuring express delivery and reduction in inventory costs. This is a small business idea for an online garage sale.

Startup Ideas and Execution

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The number of start-ups in India is expected to grow from 3000+ in 2014 to more than 11,500 by 2020. From young graduates to experienced professionals and industry veterans, all are taking a plunge and scripting entrepreneurial success stories.

Startup Idea: Online platform for renting and sharing

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While the idea of renting and sharing is gaining momentum, it is still not as convenient as buying online. There is a strong need for better accessibility, transparency, technology and innovation. In the last couple of years, several start-ups have come up with solutions to bring owners and renters together with the slogan – “Why Buy when you can Rent?”