Small Business Idea for Fashion Entrepreneurs (#IdeaTuesday): Ecommerce Solution with Personalized Tips from Designers

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Rahul wanted to surprise his wife on their first wedding anniversary. He was looking forward to gift a nice dress however was confused with the abundance of choices available and also was not quite sure what would look best on his wife. He knew he did not have a great taste selecting and buying gifts for women and did not want to put a wrong foot forward on their first anniversary.Rahul for sure needed expert advice. Where does he get one?

The time is apt for fashion entrepreneurs, designers and stylists to provide a personalized online apparel shopping experience to customers. The first step is to launch your e-commerce store. You could sell your own designs as well as collections from other designers on your e-store. The key here would be to offer a personalized and customized shopping experience.

Small Business Idea for Fashion Entrepreneur

You may list products based on common body shapes such as straight, pear, hourglass, oval etc. for women and oval, rectangular, trapezoid etc. for men. Obviously you would need to include a guide to help customers understand the different body shapes. You may want to include multiple pictures of models for each body shape. Based on the selection of the customer, the store would then give personalized suggestions for shopping with style and fashion tips.

This may not be enough for all and some may need greater assistance. Hence as a premium service, you should allow customers to directly interact with the designer or stylist with options of a video chat.

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