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Traditional call center setup required high start-up capital and equally high maintenance costs as well as logistical complexity. Phone systems, computer hardware and software, data servers, routing systems, network infrastructure to name a few had to be setup before you could approach prospective clients to pitch your services. The lead times for setting up a call center solution center were as high as the cost. This made it difficult for smaller players to enter the industry and compete with established call center solution providers. Well, not any more. The business scenario has changed. A cloud call center can be setup within a few hours and there are no significant hardware, software or maintenance costs.

How does cloud technology help call center solution providers?

The availability of call center technology as software as a service (SaaS) enables service providers to start small with as small as one seat or agent. There is no huge start-up expense for buying or leasing servers, ACD, expensive phone systems etc. Almost all cloud based call center systems can easily connect to smartphones and provide multiple channels for communication – calls, email, web chat, SMS.

Cloud call center technology is very flexible and easily scalable if you need to increase the size of your call center. Not only cloud call center solutions meet all the requirements of yesterday’s hardwired call center technology, they now pack more advanced features for managing customer experience, performance monitoring and reporting. Click here to review some of the most popular cloud call center technology platforms.

Why is this a good new business idea?

Similar to large companies who have used outsourcing as a strategic business decision to lower costs and improve efficiency, start-ups and SMEs have also warmed up to the idea of outsourcing non-core business functions. Customer service, lead generation, sales, payroll processing, digital marketing, content development, search engine optimization, website and app development are a few of the many business processes being outsourced. While SMEs outsource, their requirements are much smaller in scale compared to large companies as well as they have budget constraints. These constraints do not make them a good fit for the large call center service providers. The usual requirement could be for upto 20 call center seats and as small as one or two seats. Hence, the need for smaller and more flexible call center solution providers.
Setting up a cloud based call center is a good business idea for entrepreneurs and professionals who can provide a flexible and scalable call center solution to clients while offering a significant cost benefit. It is however important to establish a niche to differentiate your services from the competition.

By Nitesh Verma

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