Subscription Tracker Excel Template

In today’s digital world, we all have subscribed to several products and services – music, entertainment, gym membership, domain names, web hosting, web and mobile apps, newsletters and several other subscriptions.

It is difficult to remember all – the renewal dates, payment method and other information.

Solution: Get the Excel template for subscription management!

Subscription tracker excel template.

This subscription tracker excel template serves as an effective solution to monitor all your subscriptions – work and personal. You get to know the upcoming renewals, cashflow required in the next 7 days and 30 days.

You can periodically review all subscriptions and decide if you want to renew or not.

Take control of your memberships and subscriptions. Act in time.

Demo Video: Subscription Tracker Excel Template

Video Demo: How to use the subscription management template?

How to use the Excel template for subscription management?

  • Click on the download link. You will be redirected to Gumroad and you can download the subscription tracker
  • Watch the demo video on YouTube
  • Check the drop-down options for subscription type and category. Make changes if necessary
  • Enter subscription and membership data in the subscription tracking sheet as shown in the demo video
  • The renewal status will show “Yes” for all subscriptions that are past due (i.e. the renewal date is in the past)
  • The renewal date will be highlighted in “Yellow” if the renewal date is within the next seven days. This serves as a visual reminder
  • The dashboard shows the count and value of upcoming renewals (next seven and next 30 days). This allows you to ensure balance in the respective account or card
  • Update the last payment date every time you renew a membership or subscription
  • Enter details for any new subscription or membership

Contact me if you need customizations or if you have any questions.

Benefits of using the subscription tracker excel template

The best excel tracker for subscription management and tracking.
  • Never miss subscription and membership renewals
  • Keep a track of cashflow required for subscriptions
  • Analyse category wise subscription costs – work, personal, family, health, software, entertainment and others
  • Review membership requirements and take timely action if you would like to unsubscribe

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