How AI Transforms The Customer Experience Landscape?

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In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly popular in the customer experience landscape. Customer service chatbots, for example, are powered by AI and are becoming more and more common. But what other ways can AI transform the customer experience? In this blog post, we’ll explore how AI for customer experience is transforming the landscape.

How to win back lost customers?

Losing customers can derail your sales goals. Your rate of adding new customers has to be higher than the rate of losing old customers. If you lose more than you add, your sales will decline. Not a good situation for any business. How do you win back lost customers?

What Customers Want? Recent Trends and Changes in Customer Behavior

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Customer needs and preferences keep changing and evolving. Thanks to data availability and analytics, companies can leverage deep customer insights and adapt. The recent changes in customer behavior as a result of the prolonged global pandemic and enforced lockdowns have significantly altered buying preferences and channels. Here are 4 key focus areas for brands to address what customers want.