Good Sales Practices Audit

Sales is less art and more science. For consistent and predictable outcomes, businesses need to follow well defined sales processes and practices. Does your sales team follow the good sales practices? What is your sales process? Does everyone in your team follow the same process? Are results, success and failure process driven or people driven?

Our Good Sales Practices (GSP) audit answers these questions for you. The audit recommends key improvement opportunities that would help you improve the conversion at every stage.

Why should you register for the Good Sales Practices audit?

  • Does your sales team often complain that they are not getting quality leads?
  • You do not get insights regarding lead conversion at various stages of the sales funnel?
  • Key sales metrics have been stagnant over a period of time
  • A lot of leads are lost as customers stop responding to calls and emails
  • Sales is consistently lower than the forecast
  • The management is not able to make decisions based on data
  • Customers often complain about poor post-sales support
  • There are very few customers with repeat orders
  • Both customer and employee churn have been a cause of concern

If a few or most of the above have been a concern for you, fill up the form below and register now for the Good Sales Practices audit.

The GSP audit is a quick online review of your sales practices and adherence to standard operating procedures. We review SOPs, historical data, templates used by the team, customer feedback, marketing plan, sales strategy and data analysis to identity areas of improvement. We interview selected members from your team to check awareness and adherence.

Outcomes of the GSP Audit

Good Sales Practices Maturity Model
GSP Maturity Model

On the completion of the online GSP audit, we share a maturity score for your organization. The maturity score is on a scale of 5. The result includes a maturity score for each function, noteworthy observations and areas of improvement. We share recommendations and best practices for implementation of observations and improvement opportunities.

Sign up for the “Good Sales Practices” Audit

Please fill in the quick form given below. We will send a short questionnaire to the registered email address. The questionnaire will help us prepare a custom Good Sales Practices audit document and checklist. The audit parameters are based on your industry, target customer profile and sales channel.