Good Sales Practices Maturity Assessment

Sales teams often end up playing the catching up game with the targets and forecast. Missed deadlines, missed goals are quite common. The best sales practices help standardize and organize the end to end customer engagement process. Our Good Sales Practices (GSP) Maturity Assessment assesses your internal processes against the best practices for marketing, sales and customer engagement. Sign up now to improve sales efficiency and results.

Improve your sales process efficiency

The best sales practices for increasing lead conversion and sales

3 Functions, 5 Processes

Marketing, Sales and Customer Engagement practices are assessed for awareness and effectiveness of Planning, Operations, Reporting & Analytics, Continuous Improvement and Training.

Good Sales Practices Audit Process

Registration is followed by a pre-audit questionnaire. These inputs are used for a custom audit sheet followed by the as-is business process review and online interviews of randomly selected employees.

Outcome: Score and Recommendations

The results include a maturity score for each function, noteworthy observations and areas of improvement. We share recommendations and best practices for implementation of observations and improvement opportunities.

The GSP Audit Process

Good Sales Practices Audit Process

The GSP audit is a quick online review of your sales practices and adherence to standard operating procedures. We review SOPs, historical data, templates used by the team, customer feedback, marketing plan, sales strategy and data analysis to identity areas of improvement. We interview selected members from your team to check awareness and adherence.