Free Lead Tracking Spreadsheet

Designed for small businesses with love! This free lead tracking spreadsheet is used by more than 2000 businesses to track leads and increase sales.

Download the free lead tracking spreadsheet.

There are various online software and tools available for lead tracking and management. However, it is still common to come across sales teams that do not effectively track and monitor sales leads and opportunities.

While there are several budget friendly options available for lead management, if you are just starting, this simple to use lead tracking spreadsheet is the best option for you.

Why? I have developed this free lead tracking spreadsheet after years of experience working with small and medium businesses from different industries. Having helped them grow their business, I know they need a simple lead tracking system to start moving in the right direction.

Demo: Free Lead Tracking Spreadsheet

Video Tutorial: Lead Tracking Spreadsheet

How does this work?

This lead tracking spreadsheet has been developed to provide the easiest system to track and monitor sales leads. The Lead Tracker sheet has all the necessary columns to capture the lead details and progress. Based on the inputs in this input sheet, the Dashboard sheet provides reports in table formats for monitoring sales progress.

Track all key sales metrics – number of leads, conversion, cost per leads, lead source and lead stage summary.

dashboard view of the lead tracking spreadsheet.

Can I customize the Free Lead Tracking Spreadsheet?

Yes, I have ensured that I do not use any macros or advanced formulas in the lead tracking excel template. The Dropdown sheet in the template has lists used for validation in the tracker – lead source, lead status and lead stages.

You can easily change the dropdown options and customize the lead tracking spreadsheet as per your requirements. Here is the link to a video tutorial on how to customize the tracker.

If you need any help with the customization, feel free to contact me.

How will this help?

One of the primary reasons why businesses don’t meet their sales goals is inefficient sales processes – capturing leads, nurturing them and following up on time.

A structured lead tracking system helps you avoid such mistakes. The entire team has complete visibility into the sales opportunities created – source analysis and stage report. Remarks, age of the lead and next action date make it easy to review leads internally and work on closing them successfully.

The dashboard view presents overall and month wise sales trend with a notification for number of new leads required to meet the company goals.

So don’t leave success to chance. Take charge of your sales leads and conversion. Download now and monitor the leads frequently for best results.