Contract Renewal Tracking Spreadsheet

never miss renewals


This template is ideal for service businesses who have time bound service agreements or contracts with clients. Example: marketing agencies, call centers, finance and accounting services, housekeeping services, annual maintenance for office or home equipment, consulting retainership etc.

The dashboard helps you review the overall summary and product wise report.

Why do you need a contract renewal tracking spreadsheet?

There are numerous factors that may contribute to clients choosing not to renew service agreements and business contracts once they have expired. Some of the most frequently encountered reasons include postponed follow-up, offers from competing entities, price escalations, dissatisfaction with the provided services, and more.

Contract renewal tracker.

This is an effective excel template to keep a track of all your service contracts:

  1. Active contracts – count and value
  2. Contracts due for renewal – count and value
  3. Contracts not renewed or terminated – count and value

The renewal date is highlighted in Yellow if the due date for renewal is within the next 7 days. The renewal date is highlighted in Red if you have missed to renew the contract on time.

These are easy visual reminders. The dashboard helps you review the overall summary and product wise report. The visual reminders in the contract renewal tracking spreadsheet serve as effective tools for quick reference. Utilizing the dashboard, you can conveniently assess the comprehensive summary and detailed reports for each client contract. This feature allows for a comprehensive overview of all aspects, ensuring a more thorough analysis of the data at hand.

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Video Demo: Contract Renewal Template

How to use the Contract Renewal Tracking Spreadsheet

The benefits of using a contract renewal tracking spreadsheet?

The contract renewal tracking spreadsheet is a valuable tool for businesses to keep track of all client contracts and ensure timely follow-ups and renewals.

With this spreadsheet, you can easily input and organize contract details such as client name, contract start and end dates, renewal dates, and any important notes or reminders. The spreadsheet also includes visual alerts and notifications to remind you of upcoming contract renewals, ensuring that no contracts are overlooked or forgotten.

By using this spreadsheet, you can effectively manage your client contracts and maintain strong relationships with your clients by ensuring that their contracts are renewed on time.