What are the 5 top reasons why employees leave their jobs?


Source: indeed

According to a survey conducted by Indeed, there are several reasons why employees decide to leave their jobs. Here are the top 5.

source: indeed

Lack of Challenges

Employees may feel that their job has become monotonous and they are no longer learning anything new. 

source: indeed

Low Salary

If employees feel that they are not being paid fairly for the work they do, they may start looking for other job opportunities that offer better compensation.

source: indeed

Lack of Inspiration

Employees may feel uninspired if they don’t find their work meaningful or if they don’t see how it contributes to the company’s goals.

source: indeed

Feeling Undervalued

Employees may feel unappreciated if they don’t receive recognition for their hard work or if they feel that their contributions are not valued.

source: indeed

Poor Management

Poor management can lead to a toxic work environment. This can include micro management, or a lack of support from management.

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