Top 5 business predictions for 2024

By: BMBlog


Generative AI Will Boost Business Productivity

Generative AI is predicted to hold about 30% of the entire AI market and be valued at roughly $60 billion by 2024. Nearly 70% of consumers say they believe most businesses will soon be using this technology to improve the customer experience.


E-commerce Growth to Persist in 2024

The pandemic completely changed the way consumers shop. E-commerce was one of the few industries that saw growth during the pandemic, and it's predicted to continue growing further in 2024.


5G Will Vastly Improve Data Collection and AI Capabilities

The development of the 5G mobile network has the potential to radically change business operations. It will enable faster data transfer rates, lower latency, and more reliable connectivity.


Employees Will Continue to Seek Out Remote and Hybrid Work

Employees will continue to seek out remote work opportunities in 2024. Hybrid work models that combine remote work with in-person work are also expected to become more common.


Businesses to Expand Ads, Communities, & Commerce on social media

Businesses will continue to expand their presence on social media in 2024. This includes expanding their advertising efforts, building communities around their brands, and using social media as a platform for commerce. 

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