5 P's in Marketing Strategy


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Creating a marketing mix for your business is not a one time activity. You need to continuously analyze and adjust.

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Plan and understand the 5 P's of marketing: Product, Place, Price, Promotion and People

Product is what you’re selling.  Develop a deep understanding of what makes your product unique and appealing to customers.  Why should customers buy it?


Place refers to where you sell your product.  Always choose the right distribution channels for your product.  Target the right audience.


When setting prices, businesses need to consider what their products and services are worth, their target market, and how they want to be perceived by their customers.  It's not about being the cheapest.


It is the process of getting the right message to the right people at the right time.  It is the communication of marketing objectives and strategies to your target audience.


People are the lifeblood of any business.  They are the ones who buy the products and services, and they are the ones who make things happen.  Marketing is all about reaching and persuading people to buy what you’re selling.


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Keep analyzing results and improve your marketing strategies for better results.

What you need to make SALES right now?

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